Terms Of Service

Listen up, butthorn.

Please review these terms of service and attendee agreement as you are agreeing to them by registering for the Austin Mega DO.

1. Indemnification. By signing up for and attending the Austin Mega DO, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the organizers and their officers, directors, agents, and employees from and against any and all demands, claims, and damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or caused by your negligence or willful misconduct. We're not responsible if you're a jerk.

2. Personal Information. We store your name, e-mail address, FT/MP Handle, and IP address. We also collect your mobile phone number if you choose to give it to us. We will use the number purely for notification of activities that may occur after the official events have concluded for the evening and we may send e-mails reminding you of major events like the schedule release or the opening of registration. We also collect anonymous visitor metrics through the dark arts of JavaScript and cookies. None of this information is given or sold to anyone anywhere for any reason ever.

3. Payment Details. If you select events during registration that require pre-payment, your credit card details will be collected and charged at that point. Your credit card number and CVC number never touch our server and we do not store those values because we really don't need that sort of paperwork in our lives. All transactions are processed securely via Stripe.

4. Alcohol Consumption. At various times during the course of Austin Mega DO, alcoholic beverages will be available. These beverages are only to be purchased, possessed, or consumed by individuals over 21 years of age as verified with government-issued photo identification. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time, so don't over do it.

5. Conduct & Standards of Behavior. At various events, attendees may have access to various travel industry professionals. While we encourage interaction and information exchange with these individuals, we do not condone any activity or comments designed to cause negative reactions or situations. Further, while alcohol will be available at various times during the event, disruptive or abusive comments or actions will be cause for your immediate removal from the events with no refund. The decision to remove an attendee from the events will be made at the organizer's sole discretion. It is expected that each attendee is an adult and will act appropriately in any situation. Without getting excessively preachy, this policy can be summed thusly:

Don't be a .


Mega DO 2015


Where: Austin, TX, USA, Erf
When: TBD
Who: Frequent Travelers
Why: Why the hell not?

Event Hotel: TBD


This space for rent.

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