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2015 Event Registration - PREVIEW

This form mimics the registration system that will be used for the 2015 Austin Mega DO. You can play with the various options and submit your imaginary registration to your heart's content. Because this is just a test, the data doesn't actually go anywhere. It also caches all the support files in your browser so that you won't have to download them during the initial onslaught of the opening of registration where the poor, unloved server is brought to its knees.

Please follow these steps to submit your registration:

1. Select events you would like to attend and provide the requested demographic information. Your registration will be created and spots reserved once the form is submitted. Capacity controlled events will be verified after submission.

2. Review your selections and provide credit card payment information for all prepaid events you've selected.

3. After payment is processed, your registration is confirmed.

Once your registration is confirmed, you'll receive an e-mail receipt with your registration details. Check your spam folders if the e-mail does not arrive.

Registration will be open until 12:00PM Eastern time on January 28, 2015. After that point, all paid registrations become non-refundable.

Please select the number of registrants:

Grand Total: $0.00


Mega DO 2015


Where: Austin, TX, USA, Erf
When: TBD
Who: Frequent Travelers
Why: Why the hell not?

Event Hotel: TBD


This space for rent.

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